Can i have a copy of emails when a user is activating "Out of office" in exchange


I want to know if you can have a automated function where a mailbox is forwarding mail to a admin mailbox if someone activates there out of office function.

We have a support crew that wants messages from people that is "out of office".

Is this possible ?
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SISAntConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I don't think there is any automated way as by design out of office is manually turned on and off.

if you have the rules set up, those rules will also turn on and off automatically when out of office is. (in 2010 definately)

but in older versions I'm not sure if the rules are exclusive like in 2010
It depends which version of exchange/outlook you are using.

I know for sure that in 2010 you can set the automatic reply to happen and also set it to forward email on to another email address.

Obviously they'd have to set that up when they went "out of office" though. only take a few minutes.

IE, you put your Automatic reply message in, click the timescale IE what dates or just all the time etc and then click the "rules button" which apply rules to all incoming messages while you are out of the office. IE thats where you put your forwarding.
GBGRiPEAuthor Commented:

We run different outlook ranging from 2003/2007 and some of them are 2010 ( majority 2003)
Exchange is 2003 SP2 (6.5.7638)
Creating Active Directory Users from a Text File

If your organization has a need to mass-create AD user accounts, watch this video to see how its done without the need for scripting or other unnecessary complexities.

well then i'm unsure about if the older versions have the ability to set rules for JUST out of office.

though you can just make a rule to forward stuff on and only turn it on when you turn on out of office. it would do the same thing.

Failing that you'd just have to know when everyone was off on holiday and set the forwarding of emails from the server at an admin level. thats just a tick box :)
GBGRiPEAuthor Commented:
thanks so far. I know i can do it manually but then i don´t now when they all fly around "out of office" because they are spread around the globe.

maby the rule option have to do.. if there are no other ways...
GBGRiPEAuthor Commented:
I did test the Rule option now  and i will do fine !  Thank you!!!
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