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Hi all
Our corporate website was run locally on a 2003 box using iis6. Due to DR we decided to have this hosted externally with a web hosting company. The internal web team created the site and this was setup with the external company.
Within our domain name host company i created all the a records for the 20+ sub domains (sub-websites) and the external website host created the redirections back to our IIS server. I created all the a-records internally and that is all working.
Because i have not made any changes with regards to the old corporate website, internally staff are still getting the internal site when they type externally it is working fine.
I need to know the correct process to limit any disruptions to the site for internal staff to pretty much switch off the old internal IIS website and for all requests for that url to start seeking the site externally.If I stop the IIS service for that website, is says “Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)” When I changes the IP address of the DNS entry within the for the www entry, that also stops the page loading.
Any assistance would mean less grey hair for me :-)

Thanks all
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wrcplcConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Hi all

Not sure what was preventing it, but i have managed to resolve this. When i changed the a record this morning it would not work, it is now working. I had to also update an lmhosts file.
Thanks for the assistance
Azeem PatelSystem AdministartorCommented:
are you able to open new website with Ip adress from internal machine.

if yes then on one machine in command promp run ipconfig /flushdns and then try to open the site with FQDN name.

Also in Internet explorer if you using proxy then you will have to configure by pass proxy for local address add complte subnet example for subnet 10.*.*.*;192.*.*.*
You have proxy/routing issues.

When you change the DnS to the external server is it receiving the request?
Look in the IIS logs and the http.sys logs.

i suspect traffic is not getting there at all.
wrcplcAuthor Commented:
DNS issue somewhere stopped this working 1st time round
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