How do I disable the pop that comes in outlook when my tool tries to capture data.

Hi Team,

I am building a tool in excel that will extract all the data from the given Inbox's to the tool.  but the attahced pop up comes to the user and he has to click each time.

How I stop the same.
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You can't ... at least not while you are automating an Outlook session.  This pop-up was put in place to prevent script kiddies mass mailing junk from your PC back in the days of Outlook 2000.  If you use Outlook 98 or even a pre-service release version of Outlook 2000 there will be no issue but the modern versions will prevent you from harvesting email addresses.

You can use MAPI or CDO (instead of Outlook)  to get at the same information that will not generate a pup-up but automation of Outlook is going to be a problem.

Hope this helps


Nico BontenbalCommented:
You could use something like this:
Using Outlook 2003 you have no choice; and the ClickYes tool only avoids you having to press Enter yourself, it doesn't kill the message. Outlook 2007 has an option to allow access by external progams (Tools, Trust Centre, Programmatic Access), so an upgrade will achieve the quiet operation that you want.

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