Can Subversion be used with Excel and VBA?

Hi Experts,

Day 2 with a new client and I’ve run head first into version issues! A workbook that I’m supposed to code with fails to load because it needs a specific version of an add-in.

I’ll eventually get this fixed, but I really need to get version control in place immediately.

The client uses SUBVERSION; however, I’ve never used this before. A quick search through online documentation and I didn’t find any Excel / VBA references.

Can Excel files be held in a Subversion repository?
Can VBA code modules be held in a Subversion repository?
Any further advise as to how to get this up and running for Excel VBA through the development team?
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Kalpesh ChhatralaConnect With a Mentor Software ConsultantCommented:
you can also try tortoisesvn
I have not experienced this as yet.  But I think, Excel files can be versioned in svn.  They will be versioned like any other binary file.  And since VBA code is stored in the excel file itself, this should also be versioned.  I have used svn earlier but not using it in my current job, so may not affirm if this is 100% right.  Please test by creating a repository in the svn server.
Kalpesh ChhatralaSoftware ConsultantCommented:
you can use Sub Version System for  Office Suite 2007
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Kalpesh ChhatralaSoftware ConsultantCommented:
you can use Source Safe for Documents and VBA Code
wobbledConnect With a Mentor Commented:
svn can store any binary based file so yes you can use it on Excel files (of which the VBA part is held within it)
JohnDiddy77Author Commented:
Thanks for the quick response! So, Subversion will handle Excel files as a Binary.

@kalpesh2804: I'm developing with Office 2003, and the SVN Office Client is for 2007. Are there any good SVN Clients for Office 2003?
JohnDiddy77Author Commented:
kalpesh2804: Thanks once again! So, with TortoiseSVN, do I run Version Checking from Windows Explorer or does it integrate with Office 2003?
Kalpesh ChhatralaSoftware ConsultantCommented:
Check this link to integrate with Office Suite
You can try Alfresco
File management (version history etc), open source with Microsoft Office Integration

JohnDiddy77Author Commented:
We've settled with TortoiseSVN using Windows Explorer. When we need to compare code modules we'll export the code as a text file and use SVN to compare.

Thank you all for your assistance!

John Diddy
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