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Help with selecting Active Directory Migration Product


I am in the planning stages of AD Migration that will involve migrating everything (users, desktop/laptop/servers) from 8 domains in 5 forests into single forest with 6 domains.  Source domains include Windows 2000, Windows 2008, Windows 2008 R2.  Target domain is Windows 2008 R2.  Total number of users is about 8,000.  Currently we are looking for a tool to purchase/use.

Currently we are looking at Quest MM, ADTM and possibly any other tools that are out there.  I have pretty good AD experience, but I have never performed AD migrations myself before.  However in the past I was part couple of such migrations as a junior admin, where consultants came in and did the migrations for us.  Of course, none of us learned a whole a lot from consultants, but at least I have learned that Quest MM which they were using is a pretty good migration product.  That is what I am trying to push.

Of course, once I received a quote for Quest MM, it “did not receive a positive reaction” from management.  I am also now asked to look at any other commercial tools that are out there.  

1.  Can anyone tell me what other migration products are out there and if you had any experience with them.  ADMT has such a generic name, that it’s hard to search Google for other products with same functionality.

2.  Can some one help me with convincing to go with Quest.  I am having a hard time finding any comparison articles.  I know they can’t really be compared directly, but I am comparing a migration process while using QMM vs ADMT.  Quest MM obviously cost a lot of money, but since a lot of companies use it, it must worth it and must save money in the long run.  I need to convince management that using hundred thousand dollar product over zero dollar product would somehow be good for the company.

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Felix LevenSenior System and DatabaseadministratorCommented:
"Quest MM obviously cost a lot of money"

Wouldn't it pay to get an expert helping to get things done ?
If you are experienced in AD, you might just need some advise from someone doing migrations like this more often. Tools can help you, but they can not design the new single Forest 6 Domain Solution you got in mind. A discussion with a pro about the Pro's/Con's of your design and the tools that could get you there, are always worse the money.

I never used other tools then ADMT in the past and with powershell you can do a lot more with AD Objects these days.
I've personally used Quest in the past when I merged two companies together.  It migrates the accounts, groups, desktops and mail + keeps them in sync until you switch.

I know it's expensive but its market leader in migration.  Quest will come to site and install and configure the product, this is mandatory when you purchase.

The size you’re migrating I won’t use ADMT...
Tony MassaCommented:
Are you migrating/consolidating exchange environments as well?

Vinchenzo is correct...it's expensive for a reason.  It's worth it.  I've done dozens of migrations and ADMT is good for small environments, it would be a disaster for a large one.  

Quest can constantly keep groups in sync so when normal operations are continuing, you won't have to constantly repeat group migrations with ADMT.  If the company values their day-to-day operations, they will purchase the Quest product...otherwise, you will get a million troubleshooting calls for access and logon issues.

There is a lot to learn about performing migrations:
SCRIPTING!!!  (You often will have to do a lot of this)
Importance of SIDhistory
ReOrgainzation of AD structures
Application Authentications (NTLM and Kerberos) issues
Integrated Windows authentication for web apps
Trusts (Forest and Domain)
AdminCount attribute (Protected Accounts) and the AdminSDHolder and SDProp process
Cross-Forest Group Policy Processing
Desktop and profile migrations (including personal SSL certificates)

It's a big process, with a lot of planning, and you don't need to get cheap with it...that's a recipie for a bad migration experience for everyone involved.

Good Luck to you.
Alexey91Author Commented:
Thanks everyone.  I think that we will definitely get a consultant in for at least planning stages and just to help us understand the process in depth, then we will select a tool.


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