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Exchange 2003 Resource mailbox not displaying schedule

I set up 3 resource mailboxes on our Exchange 2003 server for booking meeting rooms, following a guideline from MSExchange.org.  These resource mailboxes were created a couple of years ago, and always worked fine.  For some reason all 3 of them stopped displaying their schedule when you try to book a meeting and I'm not sure why.

I configured my Outlook to log in as each mailbox (one by one) and verified the mailboxes are set to automatically accept or decline invitations.  I also checked the permissions on each mailbox and Default and Anon were set to Editor on all three.

If I add a regular user to a meeting request I can see their schedule fine...I just can't see the meeting rooms.  Also, the meeting rooms are accepting requests as when I log into the profile for the resource, I can see a number of meetings scheduled over the next few days.

The regular user shows a gray bar for open time and a dark blue bar when they have a meeting scheduled.  The meeting rooms all display \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ for every day.

As a test I set my Outlook profile to default to one of the meeting rooms and ran Outlook /cleanreminders, but that had no effect.

Any suggestions??
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1 Solution
when you have a Outlook profile(s) configured for the "Resource mailboxes"
> can you please run "Outlook /Cleanfreebusy" and observe the behaviour then after?

was there any *recent* change at the public-folders?
DrakeCAAuthor Commented:
Tried this, but it doesn't seem to make a difference.  There have been no changes on the PF that I am aware of.  We only have an IT staff of three and the other two people are swearing up and down that they changed nothing...
So you dont have any other error messages when running the switch "outlook  /cleanfreebusy"....hmm

On this affected mailbox:
Send a normal meeting-request to this room (not as the resources)
from the Outlook profile accept the meeting-request and send-response back to the meeting organizer.

Other troubleshooting:
1. What is the free/busy status for all other mailbox in the organization (mailboxes at the same store?) all of them got affected?

2. Last option would be
How to use Updatefb.exe to republish absent free/busy data

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DrakeCAAuthor Commented:
Hmmm....was able to manually create and accept a meeting with the resource from my mailbox.  I logged in and manually accepted with send a response option.  When I logged back into my mailbox I saw the confirmation message, and the item was in my mailbox.  Still not working properly though.

I checked other users at random in the same IS and I can see the calendar for all of them, except the three resource mailboxes I had configured.  Not sure why the resources are being blocked, and it's driving me batty!

After reading the warnings with the Microsoft tool I'm not too sure if I want to run it.  Has anyone else used it with success?
IMO, to refresh the freebusy the possible options are:
a) outlook /cleanfreebusy
b) send-accept a meeting-request
c) updatefb.exe

For this tool...if we have the text file having just these 3 mailboxes....we could see the impact
DrakeCAAuthor Commented:
After retrying this approach, it did end up working for me.  I had to use step A, then B, then A again.  Once I did that the meeting rooms came back online.

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