exchange 2003 - but first time

i have windows 2003 ad
i want to implement exchange 2003 - this is first time
i have it already and we are only 20 users / 2 branch so no need to use 2007 or 2010 at this time

can any body give me a list of things needed??
like i need a public ip?? or what are the core req. to implement that solution
also what should i do in the head office and on the branch//. could users in the branch use outlook and what are the settings needed

any suggestions??
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If you will be using OWA (outlook web access) then you would need a static public ip address (recommended or use a dynamic dns) and ssl certificate

From the branch office, it will depend on what kind of connectivity you have to the main office (i.e. VPN, MPLS etc). If you have WAN connectivity then you can use outlook and connect to the exchange server.
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