Install windows XP updates from flash drive - command line or vbscript

Posted on 2011-05-06
Last Modified: 2012-06-21
We have an image that is lacking updates.  Now we do not have the ability to update the image (corporate policy).  So we need to get a quick way to install all the updates without recreating the image or setting up a WSUS.  

I have researched and downloaded all the updates from the Windows Update Catalog.  I have them saved in a folder.

I have read this article

Tried to use a batch file like they did, but it doesn't work properly.  Fox example, some of the updates are cab files.  So if you try to run path\ all it does is open an explorer of the cab file.  It doesn't install.

I would like to put all updates on a flash drive and run the script from the flash drive and install the updates from it.

Now I do not have to have this done in a batch file.  VBscript would work as well.  I'm just not sure where to start.  

@echo off
set PATHTOFIXES=E:\Updates

%PATHTOFIXES%\IA64_AMD64_X86-all-msipatchregfix-x86_205e4dab26db6e7522b87929efc4e211e6f12a3e.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\IA64_AMD64_X86-all-ndp20sp2-kb2446704-v2-x86_70881c9521dff2129703df94c1b3fae28db864ee.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-all-msipatchregfix-x86_9d8e583e06ff2d6d90ac813ae04920f48649535d.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-all-ndp20sp2-kb2418241-x86_770fdf7b4143a1f8d9eeb0d202d4875c884b181a.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-all-ndp20sp2-kb976576-x86_8e8121a8bddfb2095453335c593ffa22ef8e95ec.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-all-ndp20sp2-kb979909-x86_dc7f4b15ff426d9e413b87909c35929660d8a33c.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-all-ndp30sp2-kb977354-v2-x86_36d5f7b86e33e09d4e1934c43bbfab04c64a280e.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-all-ndp30sp2-kb982168-x86_55b498e96d1ea7db2d25302f30fc7f8fb5441158.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-all-ndp35sp1-kb2416473-x86_ba1edad5ea6edcde2ef26d810db2193a3ef86d0d.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-all-windows-kb890830-v3.18-delta_052ca9c4edccee7bb636f78be7c361ed3738763c.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-all-windows-kb890830-v3.18_70fd0bc620eb116ccf4f8fe1e7952d0bf69146e1.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-ie8-windowsxp-kb2497640-x86-enu_37e435033eee855917e565bdac3954160c0cb35d.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-ie8-windowsxp-kb2510531-x86-enu_d147ba2ed4f4528ecf8f0897990db53b46a230f3.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2079403-x86-enu_bc5640c1e48194b88a0cd9635392c3ff3012f1d1.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2115168-x86-enu_675e6a32a90807671042e4de6b1f10a2fd82b157.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2121546-x86-enu_7bc03ec1c00c52043bbbbaae828c801387c99479.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2229593-x86-enu_745d7b032115820cef735f83660c5e3c870da33b.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2296011-x86-enu_95ff937b7a8443ddb8ae0579da94690ac3a85d0d.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2345886-x86-enu_f0473cd9468a3585a5da8e906ab58ad95d1ded2d.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2347290-x86-enu_de6572122c6323cc343a9273ee0d24188b240a32.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2360937-x86-enu_41982c5a040dabb535184772b175612533556e37.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2387149-x86-enu_62c37617cb0c9502a135b43a161482928084cbaa.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2393802-x86-enu_317d4fcbb0a230f3462f40ea2be322d5eced5866.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2412687-x86-enu_00e4f04004e3037953cdf3343bb40409180d7ad1.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2419632-x86-enu_6dfaf9fe0d89d32d3c28e8245c1fe87d4561af1f.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2423089-x86-enu_94cce8eb153f98affd81951f2123b74f14a59925.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2440591-x86-enu_4ecb42986b6e12ccc9e83c8bdda536f94f6d8488.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2443105-x86-enu_c6025a43d53129a2f4d0def88d1f1ccaa6c622b2.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2443685-x86-enu_d5ce3060d0317ae2ba8b37f43377004ba3cb5a2b.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2476687-x86-enu_aa47617bb6a97e1d3baf7e1f5ca76b9af0c24b2d.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2478960-x86-enu_56cc4e7eae7362f056ccd946e5e69d1b4a1c1e76.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2478971-x86-enu_4461eaff0dab1a7900e1b41afb5a7a9319a96253.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2479943-x86-enu_0f4fe52f57ff542624050e386ac2b264ea032631.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2483185-x86-enu_8d3deb8249d91112891ff5a847c6debcec1dee84.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2483614-x86-enu_c7386b821d55b92e56a33280bccc5b406a6e8797.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2485663-x86-enu_e6142de1db2c310632af0badc06392a85f78304d.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2503658-x86-enu_26c8183589fc700d21f0d529de9f23634544e1d1.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2506212-x86-enu_8d65ae1e5ccf2a10c9bd1699e316c859005ef685.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2506223-x86-enu_8031d3ca8ef30a76b35eb4b6482daa1746aebf00.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2507618-x86-enu_c3485b8f8702a798e40b3d7bd6cbb526186d2da2.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2508272-x86-enu_0fb532f7d664e127b11bb8a7af89e994ad030222.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2508429-x86-enu_e0b40d81f2ecc1bad43439a6bd0a9e2a0ab7dd56.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2509553-x86-enu_b7be1af1e39194c02cad8426d3756254a7a5bc7e.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2511455-x86-enu_e66300e69e24fcafd5e1bb78fa0b79994cee4c7c.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb2524375-x86-enu_361a528ac167ac346ed20f7e965fc75e7b29dd8c.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb971029-x86-enu_c5a9081a6d7a0ba32848782ca6f4e4031cdb595f.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb975560-x86-enu_c57ed328ab8838ecbb6ffea46fa0bcbd76b2cc59.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb975562-x86-enu_6826ab2c0f8ce1e717e693036ae4662c7fcc7277.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb975713-x86-enu_8143fc78eac39de3e91e31b0096adecdbe1cdd83.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb977816-x86-enu_0a99a4abced5b224ab8fdf5054d5d6cff991e064.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb977914-x86-enu_60a362b77f6e5fb22208b05624d30f817c4bd4a7.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb978338-x86-enu_4d1317a99a8951697a0c1213687199ad89ba6d9d.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb978542-x86-enu_11f7b200a2bbb1b053e34b821141e72240c592d8.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb978601-x86-enu_49ae6ac4f6e0a609124f2ce6f80fcef249273c02.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb978706-x86-enu_f4e076b3867c2f08b6d258316aa0e11d6822b8d7.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb979482-x86-enu_e848aac75a3d3361bde4486fd5185ced7b3037b8.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb979687-x86-enu_c42f90a1cdb62f35e29f0a7dc1fc9edebef69628.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb980436-x86-enu_c173343df9248c747982d4b8b59d7c077c5ac0a9.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb981322-x86-enu_42583165b1e3427ecb58ce22d002eafc8aa35e32.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb981997-x86-enu_c0c210a40f1e3d801a2b9705b78b540c0e135824.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb982132-x86-enu_1ec5258de785e380d2eb9c8634f64e736d929618.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-kb982665-x86-enu_3b611460ba349838a9e8eabcbbe4b2ffe2e3b1e7.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-sp2csa-windowsmedia-kb2378111-x86-enu_18a19ddb9a20e247f145061b9710e05e5b75fd47.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-windowsmedia-kb975558-x86-enu_9ee8bd40993d20e65f4c92767dd058c48df92c84.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86-en-windowsxp-windowsmedia-kb978695-x86-enu_99fe7c707b79c3585b245de5f811b295a152c3bf.exe -z -m
%PATHTOFIXES%\X86_X86-en_en-windowsxp-kb979309-x86-enu_b6a3d8953714847d02d614e8fcb5b4171d1029fb.exe -z -m

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Question by:inimicaljords
    LVL 7

    Accepted Solution

    This sounds like a job for AutoPatcher!

    AutoPatcher Downloads

    You can create an update package that will run in attended or unattended mode.  It will install all the required patches and can even install other software and make some configuration tweaks.

    I have it on an 8gb flash drive, it works great!

    LVL 35

    Expert Comment

    Another free software that will automatically do what you want to achieve is the WSUS Offline Updater:

    LVL 47

    Assisted Solution

    You can also use WUD(Windows Update Downloader)

    LVL 7

    Expert Comment

    There are several great tools available to help you, the trick is getting approval to use in a corporate environment.

    We had to let the security team tear apart AutoPatcher before I got approval, I haven't looked anywhere else because I didn't want to go through all of that again.

    Looking at WUD, I'm not seeing that it will do unattended installs post-image, it looks like it is more intended for slipstreaming purposes.  I could very well be wrong, I just skimmed over the main pages.

    WSUS Offline Updater looks closer to what is needed, but the wizard still takes a few clicks on the client computer to be run.  Can these be automated using switches and answer files?

    Autopatcher can accept the EULA, and run unattended, or even silently, by passing switches to the executable.  This is perfect for incorporating into a batch file.
    LVL 47

    Expert Comment

    FYI :)

    WSUS Offline Updater is by far the easiest to use.

    You just put the CD in start it and then its fully automated including reboots where needed.
    LVL 1

    Author Closing Comment

    Thanks for everyone's input.  I am trying both programs to see what works best for us.  AutoPatcher seems to do a good job. Still testing WSUS offline updater.
    LVL 35

    Expert Comment


    I don't quite understand: you say that you are still testing my suggestion (the WSUS offline updater), but from the way you distributed points here you seem to have already ruled it out. What are you going to do then should your tests convince you to actually follow my recommendation after all?

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