How do I make a new URL for our internal SharePoint site?

I have stood up a new SHarePoint site and I would like to create a new URL for it for the users. The default one is no very user friendly. ANy help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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It depends:
- If you have something like mysevername:8000 then you can just extend the web application to a more friendly url like : http://myfriendlyurl
- If you ahve http://myfriendlyurl/mybadsitename it's a bit trickier to rename it. In that case you will need to export/import your site
dolphan757Author Commented:
http://servername/sites/mysite is the format of my current internal sharepoint sites that I need to rename. I will look at this article and see about getting it imported and exported under a new url. Thanks.
dolphan757Author Commented:
Cant I just make an alias for it?
Your best option is to extend this site to a different url and use Alternate Access Mapping  option
another way is to create a new web app and use stsadm for site collection and restore all sites to the new web app .
if you want to do an export import make sure you are not loosing meta data of your sites .

creating a new web app and simple restoring this data base to the new web app can be a solution too  
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