Data prints OK - Literals dont

I'm changing environments from Windows 2000 to Windows XP.
I have a TallyGenicom 6306 Line Printer attatched to a SQL Server 2003 box.
My development environment is Windows 2000.
All reports from the Windows 2000 systems are totally readable and make sense.
The Application now runs on the XP box, but when printing reports to the Genicom, all the data is printed as exspected but all Textbox data is not I get multiple characters printed in the one space giving the apperance of a black square char.
Anyone got any ideas?

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mlmccConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Crystal doesn't do a good job of switching printers and results like you are describing are typical.

The 2 versions, was one developed with each printer selected as the default printer?
Are the users selecting the correct version for the printer?

This may help.  It describes how to design reports that print well in different environments.

Is this the printer you use with both computers?

Are you using the same formatting on text as data?
Fonts? Bold? Size?

Is this in Crystal itself or an application that is running the report?

If Crystal, or if Crystal is installed on the Win XP box, have you tried opening the report, checking the priinter setup then saving the report?

musalmanERP ConsultantCommented:
Did you try to Update Latest Drivers of your Printer.

Some times , XP expects new Drivers. You can update using web site of manufacturer.

One more thing you can try that Use another printer if possible .

If still problem, try to export the report in PDF and then Print...
keith66minersAuthor Commented:
The Application is VB6 deployed using Visual Studio to create MSI file which is then run on XP box to install the components.
I have two printers in the system - an HP Laserjet (networked) and a Tallygenicom 6306 lineprinter (as generic text)  attached to the Server.
The application (running on W2k and XP clients) allows pre-defined reports to selected for either printer. Each report has two versions stored on the server to give paper layout and font size control (under  File/Page Setup).
Crystal Reports is not set up on the clients nor on the server - only on the development box.

The situation is that all reports on HP Laserjet work OK from both W2K and XP client; all reports W2K to Tallygenicom work OK; ONLY data content from XP to Tallygenicom works OK - ALL literals are corrupted.

The Project folder on the XP box has the following
custtask.dll         2000.80.2039.0

keith66minersAuthor Commented:
I have discovered another printer setup on the server (for the Tallygenicom which is a fairly recent addition). Having picked that up and changed the Application to allow it to be accessed on the XP box then printing a report using this produces readable literals and data. I will now create copies of all the reports formatted with this new printer as default (as you suggest) - just a long job.
Thanks for your help
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