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I would like link both my new computer and old computer and three monitors together with KVM switch or switches (yet to purchase, do you have any thoughts on the best product?). I found a Product that will work - 2 Port Quad Monitor Dual-Link DVI USB KVM Switch, but the cost is expensive £460.00. Is there a cheaper method of connectong 3 monitors to 2 Computers?

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Sikhumbuzo NtsadaSenior IT TechnicianCommented:
You are on the right track with the KVM switch, just look for a pre-owned one it should be very reasonnable to buy, or any brand for that matter.
Probably most such switches are at similar price levels. Don't your monitors have dual inputs (many have both a DVI and VGA input, newer ones probably even have more options). Then you wouldn't need a KVM switch (or maybe only a simple one for a single monitor).
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
Unless you have a lot of money to throw around this is very expensive. Personally I'd set up the 3 monitors on 1 machine using 2 video cards or a dual video card and a display port adapter then use remote desktop to the other machine. Not what you wanted exactly but even if you built it by yourself there are a looking at about 180 connections or more (15 *3 * 3 just for vga not counting dvi plus mouse and keyboard) using a non-shorting switch .. or use rindi's comment and using each monitors controls select what input (dvi/vga)
BhanaD2Author Commented:
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