InterOrg tools for Exchange 2003 stop working, there is no gal sync done now

for a couple of months I was running exchsync tool to sync free/busy data for our CA and US sites but it stopped working.
I checked the setting as per the install procedure, the permissions are all there, the links a re working from the servers, the running account password is good.
I installed it on another server and same problem
The message is Exchange Replication Configurator/ Unable to log on to Exchange Server using mailbox information.
Too bad it doesn't specify which exchange mailbox it is talking about! Is it the publisher or the subscriber?
Also since this tool is one-way, it's also installed on the US site Exchange server and it stopped at the same time.
Don't thing it could be firewall related but cannot confirm either.
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SigSupportAuthor Commented:
Following my previous comments, since I pinpointed the problem on my local exchange using the trick, I tried changing the mailbox to mine, and I was able to LOGIN, so since I have not seen anything obviously defective, I deleted the mailbox and recreated it. And it worked.


Here is a setup walkthorugh that I use.  Can you confirm the account password was not changed and the 2 mailboxes are accessable?
SigSupportAuthor Commented:
This link only talks about pf.
But I used
and and all seems fine.

What's good is that I tried a FP synch (which I don't need) and that permits me to test the two side separately = the local site don't work and the remote site works which seems to remove any network FW possible issue. The tool is install on the exchange server so it cannot be network problem.
It use to work and I haven't changed anything. But just for testing I tried the wins name the FQDN name, the IP address and it changed nothing.
So there is something and it local to my exchange

SigSupportAuthor Commented:
Fixed it
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