Smartphone simultor for support calls

Is there an application that will enable us to simulate all of the current smart phones?  We need a way to better remotely support our smart phone users and after speaking with they don’t have the ability to remotely control the Android and iPhones yet, only the Blackberry phones.
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Rob KnightConsultantCommented:

Look at solutions from ZenPrise and SOTI to help support the devices LogMeIn cannot support.


You would need to get the SDK's which have emulators so you can test on it. For windows phone 7 its free!!!
The blackberry simulators are also free:

Android is free too, but the SDK is a bloated mess and full of bugs and quirks

iPhone, as far as I know requires you buy the SDK.
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RTCexpertAuthor Commented:
Sorry if I didn't explain my need for this very well.

I'm not looking for and SDK developer environment.  I just need a single application that can emulate the difference phone screens, so that when doing remote support, the remote support person can look at the same screen and options as the end user with the device.  Ideally the remote support person would be able to remote into the smartphone device and remotely control and configure it, but it doesn't appear that any company and do this across all of the smartphone platforms.
For functionality simulation you can use the emulator (if not free or standalone then the SDK is needed). For actual Remoting into the device you would probably need multiple providers if any exist.
RTCexpertAuthor Commented:
The site has what I was looking for.  Thanks!
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