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i want a software to control with internet usage for my employ

Hello, i'm searching for a best way to control with the internet usage for my employ

anyone have a free software or a simple way can control with: blocking internet category, and time control usage: time control want to be as a total like 2h per day any time.

we have a server2003 and 20Computers, we can't use ISA server on this network because the DSL router is far a way from the server and it's linked throw 24port switch with all computer.

1 Solution
You could install a proxy server, or use some kind of free content filtering software lilke this:

I would setup a PC that you download Untangle to and install it
The software is free and I have used it for many of my clients.
I would say before you do this, please, have some type of policy and procedure in place before you implement it.
Case in point, though I won't mention the state, one of my former clients did not have a policy or procedure in place that the internet at his business was only for business use.  One day he found one of his employees looking at same-sex porno.  The owner then implemented a firewall to ban this stuff.  The person looking got enraged and took the employer to court suing that since there was no procedure in place that the owner was implementing hate against his homosexuality.  The owner lost the case and the employee won.
You must always have a procedure in place and ALL employees sign off on it before something is implemented.
Kelly W.
hamza_ajAuthor Commented:
thanks for your comments.
 i'll check for these solutions and see what is the best, and back to you with update.

Transaction-level recovery for Oracle database

Veeam Explore for Oracle delivers low RTOs and RPOs with agentless transaction log backup and transaction-level recovery of Oracle databases. You can restore the database to a precise point in time, even to a specific transaction.

hamza_ajAuthor Commented:
hello, sorry for late i was out of the country.

thomasdietrich: i want both of blocking internet category, and time control. not just a content control. thanks

K_Wilke: i tried this untangle software and doesn't work on windows server 2003. doesn't help sorry.

waiting for other solutions....
Untangle goes onto a PC by itself.  The PC sits in between the DSL modem and the network.  You download the software and create a CD from it.  Boot the CD onto a PC and it formats the hard drive and installs the software on to it.  You will need two Intel network cards and usually have it in bridge mode.
I have had nothing but raving comments from my clients who use this.
Kelly W.
madunixChief Information Security Officer Commented:
I do Squid(Free)! I'd recommend running Squid with Dansguardian ....squid is the best but keep in mind it requires times and skills to install, manage and configure it with other components. I used it in many complex environments with success but again you need  the skill in Linux and squid (open source packages)...

check these documents too

Use comodo DNS,  norton DNS or openDNS services. Run or your clients PC http://www.prevx.com/

also you can check

Block web sites in more than 70 categories, including pornography, gambling, drugs, violence/hate/racism, malware/spyware, phishing
Force SafeSearch on all major search engines
Set time restrictions to block web access during designated times
Configure custom lists for "always allow" and "always block"
Override a web page block with password
Trust the enhanced anti-tampering, even children can't break
View easy reports to monitor and control web activity
Real-time categorization of new adult and malicious sites
Best free parental controls software/internet filter available

Untangle provides a powerful suite of Internet management applications for small-to-medium businesses and education institutions.

IamBigBrother is the leading internet monitoring software available for both homes and business. And when using IamBigBrother, you'll know exactly who your kids chatted with last night and be able to read the full conversation!

REFOG Employee Monitor is the ultimate surveillance suite offered by our company. Having all features of our less advanced products, REFOG Employee Monitor is designed to boost productivity of your employees. The product can watch multiple PCs and workstations at once without leaving your chair. Instant alerts are handy to prevent information leaks the moment they are about to happen

eBlaster spy software is the ONLY software in the world that will capture their incoming and outgoing email, chats and instant messages - then IMMEDIATELY forward you an EXACT COPY.

http://www.websense.com/   WebSense Web Filter

hamza_ajAuthor Commented:
problem resolved by: untangle. thanks Kelly Wilke.

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