Command to Reboot Solaris 10 Box

I know this may sound trival to some but I'm wondering what the best command is remotely reboot a Solaris 10 box. I'm obviously a Solaris newbie and I've run into a few problems where when I attempted a 'shutdown -i6' command the box booted into the ALOM (maybe its ELOM?) which then I didn't know how to get out of and back into the normal boot cycle. I also pulled the power cords once the box was down during that reboot attempt, not sure if that had something to do with it booting into the ALOM or not.

Anyway, this weekend I have a window to reboot our box however I will be doing this remotely. I'm looking for the correct syntax that one would use to reboot the box so that it comes up cleanly back into the OS. I want to avoid it going into any "other" mode.

Appologize for the newbie verbage.
Thanks in advance....

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I've always been fond of

$ sync;sync;init 6

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Flushes disk buffers before the reboot.

When you pulled the power cords, it caused the Service Processor to reboot as well, so when you got back in on your serial interface, that's where you were.  At that point, depending on the SP revision and architecture, you would get back to your OS console using show console, or start SP/console, there's a few different variations.

init 6 - to reboot
init 5 - to shutdown
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