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VS 2010 build really slow

I'm using VS 2010 with a somewhat large C# program. Build times are kind of slow. I have a couple of questions ...

1. Is there some way I can profile VS to find out what's taking the time?
2. Otherwise, are there any tricks to help speed things up? I've poked around online but haven't seen anything particularly relevant.

This particular solution (which I inherited) has about 23 projects. Most of the projects contain just a single .cs dll. None of these projects are used anywhere else, and it's pretty unlikely that they ever will be. I've been thinking about consolidating it into one or two projects with a view to simplifying things as well as speeding things up. Any thoughts on that?
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>>Any thoughts on that?
I hope you have tried clean project, clean solution, then rebuild.<in vs2005 there is a sub menu for that>
My answer is more technical, backup your project first to the other drive to be sure it's safe if anything goes bad.
try to transfer your project code to the other drive, eq., from drive c to drive d or e
and much better try it on a usb stick.

If speed is Ok, it means the problem is from the disk sectors.
if does not help from trying many drives, try a scan disk, try again, if does not help also?, it means probably you have a corrupted physical memory. try this step.
empty your pagefile to zero size.
put back default pagefile size.
if does not help also,
use ccleaner to check crosslink dlls.
run defragmenter

thats all,
if does not help with all my recommendation above, you have a visitor.

Good Luck
Todd GerbertIT ConsultantCommented:
How slow is slow?

I would think consolidating your DLL projects would probably be a good idea...I have a hard time imagining that the code in all of those single-file DLL's is so un-related that it warrants separate projects.

Also, Visual Studio should be smart enough to only rebuild projects that need to be rebuilt (i.e. don't rebuild projects unless you've changed something).

You can also use the configuration manager and explicitly set whether projects build or not with the solution.
BlearyEyeAuthor Commented:
tgerbert: I checked the configuration, and saw that the setup project was marked for automatic build. I disabled that and now it builds in almost no time. Excellent.
BlearyEyeAuthor Commented:
I solved the problem based on a suggestion by tgerbert.

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