How to fix corrupted mailbox on Exchange 2003 Server


We are in the middle of a migration from Exchange 2003 to Exchange 2010. We have one mailbox that has too many corrupted items and fails each time we try to move it over to the 2010 server.

Is there a tool we can run locally on the exchange 2003 server in order to repair the corrupted items?
PT GuyAsked:
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If the mailbox size is less 1.85 GB, you can use exmerge to export the messages to PST and import the same in Exchange 2010 using import-mailbox command(Ref technet link :

You can also use new move request with switch badItemLimit and proceed with move operation.

If both the above options do not help, please export messages to PST using outlook, delete the mailbox, create new mailbox in Exchange 2010 and import the messages from PST using import-mailbox.
BusbarSolutions ArchitectCommented:
you can use isinteg to fix that mailbox.
You could try to export the mailbox manually using outlook into a pst and then import into the new server. There is a scanpst utility that will check the integrity of the PST file.
As busbar says... Isinteg
But you have to dismount the database for it to run
Isinteg -server <servername> -fix -test alltests
This may take several hours...

Or you can try the PST extract method, but that will normally leave the corrupted items behind and not fix them
I would assume once the items are exported he would then delete the bad mailbox and import the pst file.
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