I need to transfer text files from UNIX solaris TO windows XP and windows server 2008 machines in the same LAN

I need to transfer text files from UNIX solaris TO windows XP and windows server 2008 machines in the same LAN.

My LAN is configured to used fixed IP addressing mode.

Could you please recommend me the best of the known tools to accompish this procedure?

In the past, we installed "zftp server" on windows XP and we could transfer files from unix to windows xp using ftp. But the zftp software used to failed so frequently. The user had to re-start its computer at least 3 times a week.

Jorge Manzo
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Tyler LaczkoCommented:
professionalcomputersolutions has suggested a very good solution for file replication, I was not aware with it but I know it with the help of professionalcomputersolutions.

Thanks professionalcomputersolutions.

@Jorge Manzo: If you are looking something zftp kind of solution which you were earlier using then I would suggest you a very good way for it and which we use to copy files between windows to linu/unix.

Download and install Winscp on your windows boxes and with help of it connect your Unix box and now you can transfer files. It very easy, free and secure way because it works over ssh and dont need any special service to configure.
Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
I've found Typsoft FTP Server for Windows to be perfectly reliable.  It's a Sourceforge project and as such, is free.  If you want a more configurable product, Cerberus FTP Server for Windows is commercial grade, though a bit expensive at $400 for the professional edition.  Still, considering that you have an FTP solution already in place, not recoding the Unix end of it is probably well worth $400 of your time.
Joseph GanSystem AdminCommented:
Use Wincp on Wondows server to transfer to/from Unix server.
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