Unable to forward calls from an extension (that has no actual phone).

I have a user that used to have a desk phone that was DN 2275.  He is now mobile and does not have a desk phone any more.  I would like all calls to his extension to no go to his cell phone.  The problem is there is no longer a physical phone associated with that DN.  The phone and line have been reassigned.

When there is a physical phone present I can setup call forwarding through the BCM Element Manager and everything works great.  When there is no phone i can enter call forwarding information but when I test the extension it just rings busy.

Since there is no physical phone i chose an Application DN and applied the same settings as a Active Set DN but no luck.  Anyone know how to do this?

thank you.
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FMezlerAuthor Commented:
I changed the DN from an application DN port to an Analog DN port.  Not the most ideal solution but it works.  Thankfully I had an idle port available.
FMezlerAuthor Commented:
There were no other responses on experts exchange, and in the mean time I found a solution to my problem.
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