Exchange 2010 SMTP sending via ISP server.

We currently have a SBS2003 server and are upgrading it to a Windows 2008 Enterprise server with Exchange 2010. Due to many tries from Verizon to get static IP's that are not blacklisted and to no avail. We had setup our SBS to send mail via an external ISP account. This account requires authorization to send mail through it. I could not find any 2010 Exchange links that could tell me how to set this up. Thanks
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Setup a send connentor to use a smarthost.
Viral RathodConnect With a Mentor ConsultantCommented:
raysteinhauserAuthor Commented:
Since both links had the same solution I split the points. I had tried the Smart Host but had it set as custom and it didn't give me the authentication options, set to internet and works. Thanks all
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