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automount problem Linux / HP-UX

on LINUX sapsbxlnx server /etc/exports file

/sapmnt/BWS/global      sapsbx(rw) sapdev01(rw)
/sapmnt/BWS/profile     sapsbx(rw) sapdev01(rw)

on hpserver /etc/auto_master

/net -hosts -nosuid,soft
/- /etc/sap-map

on hpserver /etc/sap-map

/sapmnt/BWS/global  sapsbxlnx:/sapmnt/BWS/global
/sapmnt/BWS/profile sapsbxlnx:/sapmnt/BWS/profile

Ownership of these two filesystems is correct on sapsbxlnx (not root:root)

However, When I run automount on the hpserver to mount these filesystems, there are 2 problems

1) both the profile and the global directories are changed to root:root ownership on the hp server
2) I am unable to cd to either of them, or do a chmod or a chown.
I get a /bin/ksh: profile: permission denied message

Any ideas of what the problem may be?

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1 Solution
You have shared global and profile to two server, are you facing the same issue on both the boxes or only the HP-UX box, which you have mentioned?

After mounting the filesystem on hpserver, could you please hsoe us listing of

# ls -la /sapmnt/BWS/global  
# ls -al /sapmnt/BWS/profile
By the way, please post the command output on HP-UX
# mount | grep  BWS

Could you try to manually mount first?
On HP-UX as root
# mkdir /nfstest-profile /nfstest-global
# mount sapsbxlnx:/sapmnt/BWS/global  /nfstest-global
# mount sapsbxlnx:/sapmnt/BWS/profile  /nfstest-profile

Then check if you can cd into /nfstest-global and /nfstext-profile.
If yes, then please post the output of the following command
# mount |grep nfstest

Usually in  /etc/sap-map on HP-UX, I would add some option like
/sapmnt/BWS/global  -rw,nosuid    sapsbxlnx:/sapmnt/BWS/global
/sapmnt/BWS/profile  -rw,nosuid    sapsbxlnx:/sapmnt/BWS/profile
sonriksAuthor Commented:
for upanwar
hpserver:/sapmnt/BWS#: ls -lrta profile global

profile unreadable
total 0

global unreadable
total 0

for wesly (output of mount|grep BWS)
/nfs/sapmnt/BWS/global on /etc/sap-map ignore,direct,dev=120 on Fri May  6 15:12:58 2011
/nfs/sapmnt/BWS/profile on /etc/sap-map ignore,direct,dev=127 on Fri May  6 15:13:06 2011

unmounted then created new mount points and tried to mount manually
mkdir /nfstest-profile /nfstest-global

sapsbx:/#: mount sapsbxlnx:/sapmnt/BWS/global /nfstest-global
nfs mount: get_fh: sapsbxlnx:: RPC: Program not registered
nfs mount: get_fh: sapsbxlnx:: RPC: Program not registered
nfs mount: retry: retrying(1) for: /nfstest-global after 5 seconds
nfs mount: retry: giving up on: /nfstest-global

> nfs mount: get_fh: sapsbxlnx:: RPC: Program not registered
Restart nfs server/daemon on Linux server
as root
# /etc/init.d/nfs restart
And post the command result:
# rpcinfo -p

Also check this URL:
sonriksAuthor Commented:
You were right on target!!!  Restarting NFS did the trick. You saved me a lot of time. thanks
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