laptop that souns like it has a stuck key could be a virus

i have a Dell Vostro with Vista Business that after being on for about 5 minutes ask like it has a stuck and only the mouse will work.
The client who just moved from Dallas said she was told it was called the "click of death" which i have never heard of before.

i have not run any antivirus scans on it yet but have yall heard of this before?

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I haven't heard of this malware.

To troubleshoot this, I would first try to determine if the problem is hardware or software related. The fastest way: unplug the hard drive temporarily and turn the computer on. Wait 5-10 min to verify if the problem was related to the hard drive (and the software on it).

In the meantime, plug the hard drive into another clean and fully protected computer and scan it for malware.

Raymond PengSystems EngineerCommented:
I would also try booting it into safe mode by hitting F8 repeatedly before the Windows screen comes up.  Try and see if you are still experiencing issues by typing in notepad.
russgarrettAuthor Commented:
Hard drive was removed and scanned for virus or spyware with Etrust 8.1 and MalwareBytes and none was found.

The laptop booted to a Vista install cd and was left on overnight with no hard drive installed and this morning when you pressed a key it did not beep.

So i am installing a different hard drive in the machine that already has Vista on it to see if it beeps and if it does not i will put the original drive back in and see what happens.
russgarrettAuthor Commented:
it was a loose keyboard. just removed and re installed the keyboard and it worked fine.
russgarrettAuthor Commented:
of course i gave myself high grades since i soved the issue myself but thanks for the other suggestions. you guys in all forums are great !
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