using add remove on Fedora 14

I would like to use Fedora 14's GUI to install firefox4 but I don't see how. I've downloaded  firefox-4.tar.bz2 and extracted in in my /user/home/firefox directory but I don't know how to make the "add remove software" tool see it to install
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wesly_chenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
>  firefox-4.tar.bz2
This is compressed archinve file. After uncompressing, It contains the source code which need to be compiled.

If you download file, then you can simply double click on it and it wll install for you in Fedora.
It doesn't matter Gnome or KDE.

You can search on internet and download firefox-4 RPM file for Fedora 14, then double click on it to install.
jjc_mnAuthor Commented:
So it just can't be done within the GUI? I'm not against getting to the command line I just wanted to see if it could be done with the add/remove software option using the GNOME desktop. If not GNOME could you do it with the KDE  GUI?
jjc_mnAuthor Commented:
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