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Raid setup on Hyper V

I have an HP proliant ml350 g6 origianlly designed to run a sql 2005 app. 6Gb RAm, 6*72Gb SCSI drives. 2 other server are getting old (these run low intensity apps) so | thought I could use this server as the host for Hyper V, then guest the 3. I know I'd need to add RAM. What is the best Raid config for this? Raid 1 for OS on 2 drives and RAid 5 the other 4 drives? That was my original intent when built only for SQL.
Thnks in advance.


3 Solutions
It's generally recommended to use RAID1 for the OS and RAID5 for most other things other than the OS.

If you're going through a single RAID controller the best thing would probably be to add as many hard drive spindles in RAID5 as you can afford.


General Purpose Web Server
-RAID1 for OS and everything

Hyper-V (without a SAN)
-RAID5 for the virtual machines

-RAID1 SQL Transaction Logs
-RAID5 for the SQL databases
RAID 1 for OS on 2 drives and RAID 5 for data on the others should be a good choice.

As the OS is actually for Hyper-V engine only and no big partition is required, you may consider building a single RAID 5 virtual disk on the 6 drives (5 x active + 1 x hot spare), and installing OS on a small volume/partition on the disk while leaving the other volumes for data. this may allow up to 3 disk failures and save more space for data.
RAID 5 has a pretty serious write penalty. I would do a single RAID10 with all drives and then create two partitions: 1 for the Windows 2008 R2 or Hyper-V Server 2008 R2 host and then the second partition to hold all VMs.
Patrick NunezCommented:
Take a look at this article. http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/winserverhyperv/thread/c0cf4996-91db-4d27-b17f-62bec243de7f

RAID10 woud be ideal but you lose 1/2 the disk storage.
crseymourAuthor Commented:
Interesting answers; I thought their would be more of a consensus on the procedure. I have small user base using this, and think I'll go with Raid 1for the OS and Raid 5 for the other drives.
Thanks for the quick answers.

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