Windows Explorer slow loading mapped drive contents

I have a small network - 1 Server (SBS2008) & 7 workstations (all windows 7 pro x64).  We also have a stand-alone files server (windows 2008) that is not a domain member.

I have a user that access a share on the file server using a mapped drive letter to the network path. Explorer takes 10-30 seconfs to display the contents of every directory. This is annoying and now getting in the way of productivity.

Oddly - when the use access the share using the UNC path in the explorer windows the behavior is fast and almost instantaneously displays the contects of each folder.

This has been reproduced on 3 different workstations with the same reult.

Is there a windows setting or registry hack to make exploreing the drive maping useful?

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DirectDeskConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
solved it myself - turn off "Automatically detect settings" under IE LAN settings.
Set your Windows 7 to index the mapped drive.

Start -> Control Panel (View by: Small Icons) -> Indexing Option -> Modify

I wonder if this is an indexing problem?  Could you try opening the Properties dialog on the mapped drive and see if the 'Allow files on this drive to have contents indexed in addition to file properties' is enabled?  If it is try disabling it.  Or you could temporarily disable the indexing service...
DirectDeskAuthor Commented:
works great!
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