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Possibly migrating over to PHP...questions

I'd be most interested in hearing from anyone who has worked in ASP.NET / C# who has migrated over to PHP.

What do you like about it?

Pros / Cons?
Tom Knowlton
Tom Knowlton
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well..I was a Php programmer migrated to ASp.Net..(for my job)

In my experience,

Php : -Ofcourse OpenSource
Asp.Net :- Not an Opensource  (u know the benefit of opensource)

Asp.net:-  Plug and Play controls  
Php:-  we have to create from html (but now,dreamviewer like has plug and play controls, but not exactly
like Asp.Net

Asp.Net :- I dont feel exact flexiiblity which is in Php..We have lot of control over implementation in php

Php :- Independent on almost every OS..
Asp.Net - Dependent on Microsoft Technologies

Php :- supports almost every Database technologies
Asp.Net-  In my experience, not all Database Technologies r supported

Php :- no special installation needed for IDE  (u can even use Notepad)
Asp.Net - ofcourse, u need special IDE

still more and more... now i remember this much..

Ray PaseurCommented:
PHP.net has an online searchable manual.  Example... Let's say you wanted to locate a substring inside of a larger string.  The PHP function substr() can do the job for you, and it is located here.  Read the whole page and take a look at the user-contributed notes.  Very helpful!

Pros: I think PHP is easier to use.  There are more PHP programmers.  There are a lot of freelance PHP programmers who work very cheap.
Cons: PHP may be too easy to use.  A lot of PHP programmers are novices without any understanding of the principles of computer science.  But this is not a very big "con" since they rarely contribute to open source projects.
Ray PaseurCommented:
Afterthought, but an important one.  If you're serious about considering the migration, buy this book and work through the examples.

Once you are done with that book, get Eli White's excellent book, "PHP 5 in Practice."  If you come from a computer science background and you read both of those books, and you understand the principles of SQL you will be productive in PHP very quickly.

All the best, ~Ray
Tom KnowltonWeb developerAuthor Commented:

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