Silverlight Hyperlink button opening IE9

I am facing following  issue  in my application.

I want to open outlook when I click the hyperlinkbutton in my application. Well,  I am getting message  “this program will open outside protected mode” .Please check attachment in this mail to see the warning.

When I click allow button its opening IE9  and then Outlook.
<HyperlinkButton HorizontalAlignment="Left"  NavigateUri="" >

I  also checked with TargetName= "_self" , _blank; still its not working.

I just want to open outlook window. Please  help me  to resolve this issue.

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Hi, I believe that it is because of the UAC.
(I'm not getting it, but I've disabled the UAC).

The UAC is something that was added in Vista (so it also exists in Windows 7)  and it is a Pain In The Ass.

You can disable the UAC by:
Then go to the Tools tab --> Change UAC settings and sent it to "Never Notify".

Click OK and restart your computer.

There is no way you can bypass it or disable the UAC by program (with code), since it was added to protect the computer from malicious programs.
N_SriAuthor Commented:
thankyou friend
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