Podcast Suite for Joomla and Itunes

we are a school who want to make 1 podcast a week about subjects related to our school.
We also want it to work together with Itunes

The best I think out there is Podcast Suite
I have installed it on http://joomla3.e-advice.dk/ (top left module)
When you click on More Feed i can sign up
I can choose to use Itunes and then subscribe
My Itunes opens but nothing happens
If I choose Outlook insead it ask me to accept and it works

Any idea whats wrong. When Itunes opens,when clicking subscribe, should it not do something so it becomes imported into Itunes?

There is very little support for this components so I am alittle lost
Any hints and advice are welcome

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I have followed this tutorial with success

the problem is maybe related to this note:
NOTE: The link you paste may have "pcast://" instead of "http://". Make sure to replace the "pcast://" with the "http://", otherwise I'm not sure if iTunes will recognize it.
morten444Author Commented:
Thanks for your help
I was sure that instruction was outdated as i tried to follow it
Got stuck where it talks about Flash Player. Cant even get the music.swf player to come up.
It mention dewplayer.swf . Should be attached.. cant find it.
You know where I can get that.

I had overseen that I have to crete an account on Itunes..Done that now and are testing
you where rigth about the http. It was not set to this

Hope you can be helpfull with that dewplayer.swf player

I will close and give point on your reply


You can download it and get more information at:
morten444Author Commented:
Thanks for all your help
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