How would I change the IP address of our Sharepoint Site?

We just moved one of our SharePoint Servers and therefore had to change the IP address.

The URL of the SharePoint Site has been associated with the new IP.

Where in SharePoint Administration would I update to the new IP address?  Thanks
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Brad HoweConnect With a Mentor DevOps ManagerCommented:

No need to create a webapp or anything.

Sharepoint doesn't care about the IP. You can change it as you please. The only concern would be if you set IIS to listen to a specific IP and changed from the default of "unassigned".

PS. I do this all the time for devs when they want a copy of SP production with the same configuration. I simply, create a VM snapshot, restore to a new host and re-ip from the network configuration panel.

ufarooqConnect With a Mentor Commented:
One way to do this is you can create a new web app using new IP Address and restore existing site in to the new web app
if this is not Do able for many reasons .
There is no place in SharePoint to change the IP . you will have to Make a new DNS Entry and resolve host header in the new IP. Another place to check if the new ip has been configured is IIS .  this method is good if you are using MS Network Load Balancing option . if you are using F5 or some other load balancing application. Let us know if that helps.
Justin SmithConnect With a Mentor Sr. System EngineerCommented:
You don't have to update anything inside SharePoint when changing an IP (typically).  Updates are all outside of sharePoint (DNS, IIS, etc).
PDSWSSAuthor Commented:
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