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Can't Log into the BES websites

After I have finished installing and configuring the BES, a text file was save which had 2 websites (BlackBerry Administration Service address and BlackBerry Web Desktop Manager address).

Well for some reason I can't not log in to either of them, can someone explain to me what username and password I need to use; I've tired everything.
George Zarif
George Zarif
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1 Solution
Here is a way to reset it.

1.  Log into the BES server itself
2.  Open SQL administrator
3.  Go to the BESMgmt database
4.  Expand tables
5.  Open the dbo.BASUsers table, the last user listed will be the system admin user
6.  Scroll right to the LoginPassword collumn
7.  Paste this hash into that field - 431d615b2de61fb1 - this will change your BAS login to "berry"
8.  Now log in with that password and go to Manage Users and click on search to populate you list
9.  Click on the System Administrator user and select edit user
10. Click on the wrench to the right of the user and type in your new password, then click the green check mark tot he right
11.  MOST IMPORTANT - click SAVE ALL at the bottom
12.  Now you are all set to log out and back in with your new secure password

If the above does not work, then try this sql statement.  You should be able to login with admin and password blackberry.


      @DisplayName              VARCHAR(256),
      @Authentication           VARCHAR(256),
      @AuthenticatorTypeId      INT,
      @AuthenticatorInstanceId  INT,
      @ExternalAuthenticatorId  VARCHAR(255),
      @EncryptedPassword        VARCHAR(256)
Start of editing required section

SET @DisplayName =             'System Administrator'                  -- Display name (Not always used)
SET @Authentication =             'BAS'                              -- 'BAS' for BAS authentication
SET @EncryptedPassword =      '2951a982f568f15567b7c6e0e50990b9'       -- Encrypted string of password 'blackberry'

End of editing required section

IF @Authentication LIKE 'BAS'
      SET @AuthenticatorTypeId =      0                        -- Set to 0 for BAS
      SET @AuthenticatorInstanceId =       0                        -- Set to 0 for BAS
      SET @ExternalAuthenticatorId = NULL
      EXEC SetUpBASorADAuthentication @DisplayName, @AuthenticatorTypeId, @AuthenticatorInstanceId, @ExternalAuthenticatorId, @EncryptedPassword

SOURCE:  http://supportforums.blackberry.com/t5/BlackBerry-Enterprise-Server/BAS-first-login-forgot-my-password-How-can-I-reset-or-change/td-p/254188

George ZarifAuthor Commented:
There is no SQL Administrator, I only see SQL Server Configuration Manager and even when I go in I don't find BESMgmt Database or  even dbo.BASUsers

Can you please give me for details.

When you installed the BES you would have been asked whether you wanted to use Admin Service or Active Directory authentication.

For the former, the default username is Admin - the password would be what you configured at the time of the installation.

For the latter, use the username and password for the AD account you installed the service under (usually BESAdmin or a simiilar accoint WITHOUT domain privileges etc.).

Also check that the server date/time is less than 5 mins different from the Domain as if using AD, kerberos is used which will fail.


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George ZarifAuthor Commented:
To be honest this is the first time I install the BES software. I don't remember what I've chose sitting the installation.

Can you give me the steps for both ways?

George ZarifAuthor Commented:
I forgot to mention I tried all possible ways to log into the website. If I start from the becoming, which step would you recommend?

Did you install SQL Server Express as part of the BES installation? In order to reset the BAS Admin password, you'll need to install SQL Management Studio Express (this can be downloaded from Microsoft but version will depend on the version of SQL Server you are using).

Once you have that. you can reset the BAS Admin password:




George ZarifAuthor Commented:
Thank you, I will try it and let you know

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