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urgent: how to concat files in C


assuming i have file a, b, c and d. is there a faster way to combine these files instead of using, fread file b and write to file a. then, read file c , and write to file a and so on.

in the unix system, we use cat a b c d > newfile. is there a cat function is c ? thanks
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n2fcConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can always use the "system" call to access the shell commands!

This way you can use ANY shell command (like cat) from within c...
cat uses almost same algo as You mentioned - opens every file, read and writes to stdout.
zizi21Author Commented:
cat uses almost same algo as You mentioned - opens every file, read and writes to stdout."

But does this mean that the cat would use the RAM memory ?
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zizi21Author Commented:
I don't understand. When fread and fwrite is used, you need a buffer. Does this mean that cat doesn't use buffer memory ?
zizi21Author Commented:
i have posted the question regarding cat below:
zizi21Author Commented:
Pls take a look
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