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Dear EE members,

I have a good imagination and interested for programming but I am lack of programming abilities in the following scenarios:

2. In some companies, the interviewer will give you a test question and ask you to build an application on spot in the limited time frame to determine your programming abilities.
How to build up this skill?

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VampireofdarknessConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Same as my answer here:

The easiest answer here is practice. Give yourself a few things to make and practice making them until you remember what functions do what.

You can also create classes in Object Oriented Programming (OOP) to help you memorize your own function names, rather than the pre-set ones. Note though that there is an overhead associated with calling a class/method that calls an inbuilt function.

The second option would be to use an editor, such as Notepad++ (, that can 'predict' what you're going to type based on the language you're using and suggest the rest of the function name. For example, if you typed image it would bring up a list for imagecreatefromjpg, imagecreatefrompng, imagecreatefromgif, imagecolorallocate, etc...

For each interview, see what kind of programs the company makes and practice those particular skillsets.
yjchong514Author Commented:
Thanks for pointing me the correct and clear direction to improve my skills.
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