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Amend script - continue on duplicate?


I have a script that inserts data in to a table based on the query run prior to the insert. The script is brilliant and works perfectly but I would like to amend it so it will continue if there is already a record in the system the same as the one being entered.

The script is attached, I got it from here in the first place but it's beyond me to amend it with my knowledge.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Best Regards,

--adjust to make the COL refs predictably 2 char
set @start = upper(case when @start like '[A-Z][0-99]%' then '@' else '' end +@start)
set @end = upper(case when @end like '[A-Z][0-99]%' then '@' else '' end +@end)

-- this inserts into table named "Grid"
insert blockdirectory (countryCode ,cityCode ,storeCode ,storeType , gridCodeX , gridCodeY)

select @countryCode, @cityCode, @storeCode, @storeType, REPLACE(COL,'@','') + right(ROW,2), REPLACE(COL,'@','') + right(ROW,2)
	-- this inner query generates all the references from @A1 through ZZ99
	-- the @ is a placeholder for single-letter columns
		char(a.number)+coalesce(char(b.number),'') as COL
		,d.number as ROW
	from master..spt_values a
	left join master..spt_values b on b.type='P' and b.number between 65 and 90
	inner join master..spt_values d on d.type='P' and d.number between 1 and 99
	where a.type='P' and a.number between 64 and 90
) F

-- filter for the range of COL/ROW required
where COL between left(@start,2) and left(@end,2)
and ROW between substring(@start,3,3) and substring(@end,3,3)

update blockdirectory
set dmsActive = 'False'
Where dmsActive IS NULL

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1 Solution
Do mean blockdirectory is not inserted data when it is having the same row? You should get an error right? Do you have a primary key in the table?
kenuk110Author Commented:
Hi, yes that's correct, the script stops  if it finds a duplicate key. I'm in the office in an hour, I'll update the primary key, I believe it's called pk but I'll double check.

Thanks for your response.

kenuk110Author Commented:
Hi again,

I've just checked and the primary key is called 'pk' without the quotes. This field is set to have Identity Specification = Yes with Auto Increment and Seed set to 1. I have an index (unique) on countryCode, cityCode, storeCode, storeType and gridCodeX also.

Hope this helps?


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Aaron ShiloCommented:
under the primary key and unique index properties check the Ignore Duplicates option.

kenuk110Author Commented:

Thanks for the response. I found what you mentioned but I can't change the value from No to Yes, it's greyed out. Any ideas?

Thanks again
Aaron ShiloCommented:
well if your sql server version is not enterprise then your out of luck.

whats left for you is to :

1. save query results to a temp table.
2. check for duplicates using a simple join and delete them from the temp table
3. add the rest of the data to the table.

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