How to uninstall wxpython 2.8 on Mac OSX 10.6

Some details of my machine and installed packages before proceeding further:

Mac OSX version: 10.6.6 Python version: Activestate Python 2.7.1 wxpython version: wxpython 2.8 (uses Carbon API hence limited to 32-bit mode arch only)

I installed wxPython2.8-osx-unicode-py2.7 from wxpython website using their .dmg installer file. This package uses the Carbon API and hence is limited to 32-bit mode only. I have to write my applications using "arch -i386" in order to import wx, and due to this limitation I am unable to import certain other packages likes "MySQLdb" which are not available in 32-bit mode. So, my best option is to uninstall wxpython 2.8 and install wxpython 2.9 because version 2.9 uses Cocoa API which has both 32-bit and 64-bit support.

I don't know how to uninstall wxpython2.8 on my Mac OSX. Can anyone please help me?
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imperialguyAuthor Commented:
wxpython comes with an uninstall script and I used it to uninstall on OS X.
Craig BowmanIT Services ManagerCommented:
Have you tried cleaning it up with a free app like ?
imperialguyAuthor Commented:
After unpacking the wxpython.pkg file in OS X, I saw the uninstall script and that helped me uninstall it.
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