I need to create a dictionary within a dictionary


I need to create a dictionary within a dictionary within VB.net

Declaration (I think) will be something like:

Dim DriverList As Dictionary(Of String, Dictionary(Of String, clsLapDetail)

I think...


What I want to do is create a Dictionary entry for each DriverID in my DriverList.

Now that I have a dictionary for each driver_ID, I need to populate my second dictionary with a key (To be determined) and details for each lap as a driver completes a lap.

clsDetail is defined in the atached code.

What I need specifically, is proper declaration of the dictionary within a dictionary (with the clsLapDetail)
and how to initially populate the initial, base entries.

Looking for VB.net syntax, please.

Thanks in advance.

'Declaration of clsLapDetail:

Public Class clsLapDetail
    Public Lap As Integer
    Public LapTime As Integer
    Public PassingTime As Integer
    Public ElapsedTime As Integer
    Public LapSpeed As Decimal
End Class

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Jeff CertainConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Private DriverList As New Dictionary(Of String, Dictionary(Of String, clsLapDetail)
For Each id As String in DriverIdList
    DriverList.Add(id, New Dictionary(Of String, clsLapDetail))
indy500fanAuthor Commented:

I don't need to fill out values for the elements inside clsLapDetail for the initial entry?

Jeff CertainCommented:

That's just an empty dictionary until you start adding laps to it.

The syntax will be something like If DriverList.ContainsKey(id) Then DriverList(id).Add(lapId, lapDetail)
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indy500fanAuthor Commented:
Okay, I guess not, I just tried it.

Now I just need to figure out how to add to each driver's dictionary, lap detail.

New question coming soon.
indy500fanAuthor Commented:
Chaosian is a genius!
Jeff CertainCommented:
Not yet. LOL. Still 150K points to go before I get that designation around here. :)

Glad I could help.
indy500fanAuthor Commented:
Ha!  you already answered my next question with If DriverList.ContainsKey(id) Then DriverList(id).Add(lapId, lapDetail)

Thank you SO MUCH!
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