Locking Down Exchange Server SMTP Traffic

I am using McAfee Total Protection advance as a hosted service and they advised as below, How do I do this ?

In order to prevent senders from bypassing filtering by connecting directly to xxxxxxxxxxx.co.uk mail servers, it is recommended that the xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.co.uk mail servers be locked down so that they only accept SMTP traffic from the filtering service mail servers. For your reference, the IP subnets currently hosting filtering service mail servers are listed below.( And then theyn provide a range of IP Addresses)
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davorinConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Specifying which version of exchange server you use would help.
You can do it via SMTP receive connector /exchange 2007/2010) or via SMTP virtual server (exchange 2003).
You can block all outgoing SMTP connexion except does going to the filtring software in your firewall .
i guess you have a firewall  at your infrastructur ,you can setup a rule to deny SMTP from any source to any destination except from the Macafee server .

none will be able to establish direct connecxion to XXXXXXXX via smtp .
BhanaD2Author Commented:
How do yuo Lock down Microsoft Exchange for SMTP Incoming Traffic ?
BhanaD2Author Commented:
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