How to lock desktop icons in windows OS

We are using an in-house developed ERP in our organization using oracle. Presently we are installing oracle both front end and back end and creating an icon in desktop. This icon contains path of application and database (schema user name and password)

How can I hide this info like path and schema name and password. Is there any way I can encript these details, please let us know

Jinesh Kumar KochathSr. IT Manager (Middle East & South East Asia)Asked:
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lamaslanyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I rather think I did the hard work - all you need to do is modify a few lines of text and generate your own GUID!  :D

You can push this out to machines scriptedly using the .reg file or turn it into "REG ADD" commands.  You could push these out as group policy preferences or create your own Group Policy Template file.  Your local sysadmin should have no problems with any of these.

Alternatively you could push these out by creating a simple MSI installer (AdvancedInstaller is free).  This can then be installed stand-alone or via Group Policy.

There is no simple way to do what you are trying to achieve.  You can either obfuscate or encrypt.  Both require work on your part.  

Possibly the easiest way would be to write a small application that launches the app you require with the necessary parameters.  If the parameters are embedded into the 'launcher' then it will be 'hidden' from the end user.  You can also encrypt the variable if needed.  

Alternatively you could have the shortcut point to a script.  There is nothing to stop them from opening the script of course so this is somewhat less obfuscated.  You could encrypt the script but again this requires a suitable infrastructure.
Sekar ChinnakannuStaff EngineerCommented:
Right click on the Desktop and select Arrange Icons By> and unselect show desktop icons.
Jinesh Kumar KochathSr. IT Manager (Middle East & South East Asia)Author Commented:
you uderstood my requirement wrongly
i dont want to hide all icons. I want to hide only short cut path of desktop Icon or some kind of encryption
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If obfuscation is enough you could try modifying the registry.  The following can be saved as a .reg file and imported:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="Your App Name"
"InfoTip"="Nice description of your app"





@="\"C:\\Windows\\Notepad.exe\" \"C:\\ParameterExample.txt\""


@="Your App Name"

Open in new window

Refresh your desktop and your obfuscated shortcut will appear.

Obviously you'll want to define your own app name, description, icon and command parameters.

The hard part is creating the unique GUID.  In this case I just used a GUID I knew didn't exist on my machine: {00000000-0000-0000-0000-00000000FFFF}.  I am unsure how you are supposed to do it properly...  :)

It seems there are several options available:

I'd probably go with uuidgen.exe from Microsoft's Platform SDK although if you don't already have it the VBScript would be my second choice.

Jinesh Kumar KochathSr. IT Manager (Middle East & South East Asia)Author Commented:
thanks for your update, let me check this out and will come back to you soon
hi guy,just a mark!
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Jinesh Kumar KochathSr. IT Manager (Middle East & South East Asia)Author Commented:
thanks a lot for your updates

it all seems to be very complicated and requires a lots of hardwork
is there any simple way i can do this task, please advise
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