Is there a good free program that can make you able to make magazine?

Hello Expert, I am trying to find a job in a press company and they asked if I can make magazines, is there good free programs deal with this pls . Its basically turning what we write or scan into a magazine type thing.
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torimarConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is a large number of tutorials, even video ones.
You can find them through Google:
Magazines and newspapers are usually made with professional typesetting and layouting programmes like QuarkXpress, Adobe InDesign or CorelDraw.

There is also a free, cross-platform and open source application called Scribus which competes very well with the commercial alternatives. You could use it to kickstart and develop your magazine-making skills:

All of the above mentioned commercial programmes offer free 30-day demos as well. But mind you: Layouting is difficult to learn, it will take some time and serious effort.
hnaelAuthor Commented:
Thks torimar, but is there a tutorial or a place ,website or any where I can learn the free one (Scribus) as a starting point ?
hnaelAuthor Commented:
Thks mate , I need to read alot to gt where I want , but gt what I need ta
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