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Exchange - Eseutil terminates & cannot backup exchange data


I was sort of tossed into managing an Exchange server, so my knowledge is a bit limited on most of the technical terms or solutions. What has happened is during a back-up routine I decided to set-up which wasn't in place prior, I've some how ended up with an unmountable store. Here is the run-down:

Using the Windows Backup utility to backup our exchange data (I used the "Exchange" option check box as per a Microsoft article on this) I've found the files cannot be backed up. What happens is the tool will run for about half a second then say it cannot complete. Looking at the detailed report I see something like this,

"The 'Microsoft Information Store' returned 'Instance not found
' from a call to 'HrESEBackupSetup()' additional data '-'The 'Microsoft Information Store' returned 'Functions called in an invalid sequence.
' from a call to 'HrESEBackupClose()' additional data '-' ".

After much time Googling I somehow (I really don't remember as I'd been working for 9 hours already and it was 1AM) ended with information leading to a corrupted db with the effect of needing to run the eseutil with the /d switch, and when that didn't work the /p switch.

Upon running /p I get the error of "Operation terminated with error -1601 (JET_errRecordNotFound, The key was not found) ".

When trying to mount the store in the System Manager I get event id 9175:


I have no idea how to correct this. The person before never made back-ups of the exchange data and so a restore from one is not possible.

Tearing my hair out here.
1 Solution
Raheman M. AbdulSenior Infrastructure Support Analyst & Systems DeveloperCommented:
Why not try the FREE software from http://www.stellarphoenixdatarecovery.co.uk/

* Reasons for failure could be the following:
   1. Hardware failure
   2. Corrupt exchange database
   3. Firmware needs updating for the device
I QasmiTechnical LeadCommented:
Check for the Network service permissions on the Drive where the Exchange folder(Database and Logs are located) and if Network service permissions are not set assign it appropriate permissions could do the work , Also check if Antivirus Exclusion has been set for the Exchange Folder ( Database and Logs Files)  and Restart the Exchange services and Antivirus services for changes to take effect.
JacobPaganoAuthor Commented:
I already discovered it was hardware and corruption related. But had I not, this would have been a good start.
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