how to clear credit card info in itunes store

i have one my iphone4 and I tried to purchase one software and I put my credit card info and I could not complete this process as due to some security issues on my credit card

I have gone through settings\store in iphone4 and changed my login id and still when I try to purchsae any software, the old message keeps coming asking to put credit card info correctly

can you please advise, how to clear this and take my default apple id when I purchase anything through iphone4 store without asking credit card info

please advise
Jinesh Kumar KochathSr. IT Manager (Middle East & South East Asia)Asked:
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Go to the Settings/Preferences app (excuse my English, my iPhone uses another language so the name may be different)
Scroll to the "Store" button
Tap on your Apple ID
Tap "Show Apple ID" (type password when asked)
In your ID info is a payment/credit card field.

This should work!
Go to Store > View My Account > Edit Purchase Info. Then just click "No credit card" and hit Okay, and it will remove all of the info. Good luck
Did you try this? :
1. Open iTunes
2. Go to menu/option: Store/View my account (
3. In the righ pane in iTunes there should be a button (on the right hand side) where you can edit your credit card info
PS If you don't see menu/option: Store/View my account (, you need to Sign in first (same menu)
Jinesh Kumar KochathSr. IT Manager (Middle East & South East Asia)Author Commented:
The problem is in my iPhone and not in my pc store
When I try to hit any purchase same info is coming

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