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Can someone clarify difference between calling and called number?


This may seem like a stupid question but it is confusing me in how to properly apply my translation-profiles on the correct interfaces or dial-peers.

Assign Translation Profiles
New translation rules can be referenced by a translation profile. You can define these types of call numbers in a translation profile:




Is the called number the number (or person) I am trying to reach or send out to PSTN or SIP?
Example: I am dialing 7052779876

Is the calling number the person or number that is trying to reach me? Therefore coming into my router from Sip or PSTN
Example: My number is: 7053334444, my phone rings, I answer the call.

Is this correct?


1 Solution
It depends on the direction of call flow and how you apply the translation profile.
If you apply translation profile outgoing on a dial-peer then calling is internal user and called is external number you dialed
If you apply translation profile incomming then the called number is the DiD number that was dialed and calling number is the external caller's number.
ibanez7Author Commented:
thanks for the help lrmoore

Here is an example of what i'm trying to figure out:

voice translation-rule 1      *****This means any number dialed to change to 7052696665 correct?
 rule 1 /^.*/ /7052696665/
voice translation-rule 2     *******This means to append 705 to 7 digit dialing correct?
 rule 1 /\([2-9]......$\)/ /705\1/
voice translation-rule 3     ******This means any number beginning with 705 followed by 7 digits to drop
 rule 1 /^\(705\)\(.......\)/ /\2/       the 705 correct?
voice translation-profile SIPout
 translate calling 1       *********Therefore internal is calling number correct?!
voice translation-profile local
 translate called 2         ********Here the number dialed out or external is the called number correct?
voice translation-profile no-prefix
 translate called 3         ********Here DID is the called number correct?

Here's where these are applied:

dial-peer voice 6666 voip
 description [-[ 7 Digit Local calls to SIP ]-]
 translation-profile outgoing local    ****Therefore dialing any 7 digit you will append 705 correct
 preference 1                                        on outgoing calls or to the called number correct?
 destination-pattern [2-9]......
 voice-class codec 100
 session protocol sipv2
 session target sip-server
 session transport udp
 dtmf-relay rtp-nte
 no vad
dial-peer voice 6667 voip
 description [-[ 11 Digit Long Distance calls to SIP ]-]
 translation-profile outgoing SIPout     ****This means that internal number is now  7052696665
 preference 1                                            (so I'm the calling number correct?)
 destination-pattern 1[2-9]..[2-9]......
 voice-class codec 100
 session protocol sipv2
 session target sip-server
 session transport udp
 dtmf-relay rtp-nte
 no vad

ephone-dn  1  dual-line
 number 1003 no-reg primary
 label Rodger V:x1003
  translation-profile incoming no-prefix   *****This means that the prefix (705) is dropped from the called
!                                                                     number which is actually the DID so the outside is now the
!                                                                     calling number correct?
ephone-dn  2  dual-line
 number 1004 no-reg primary
 label Luc H:x1004
 translation-profile incoming no-prefix

Am I reading this right or am I totally lost here.
Thanks very much for the help.

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