how to configure the vpn connection ?

how to configure the vpn connection in my network to enable users from outside network to login to my network. I am having static ip. Now i have a open the port in router and asked users to login RDC and i feel it is not secured so would like to configure the simple vpn connection for my network. how to do this ?

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If you have a windows server which users are accessing for RDP, you can setup a VPN server in the same. Find the procedure below

Also you can have VPN servers in Linux or you can buy a hardware VPN firewall.

Svet PaperovIT ManagerCommented:
It depends on what you actually want to achieve. RDP is pretty secure protocol especially if you are enforcing NLA. So there is no need for more security. VPN on the other hand, allows you to give access to the users from their computers to whole network. VPN is a secure technology, however, it could be less sercure than RDP because it "plugs" unsecure remote computer to the network. Yes, you can tunnel RDP within VPN if you want to hide the RDP server but from my experience I find this unnesasary. The only pracical reason to do that will be to give users RDP access to their workstations from outside and insteat of openning dozens of redirected ports on the firewall I would tunnel RDP over VPN.
There are multiple solutions.  Are you trying to do it vi software based or hardware based solution?  If you are trying to do it for hardware based, then you can purchase a cisco VPN firewall, Juniper or home use Dlink ( or Netgear vpn router (  Home solutions cost roughly around 100-300 while commercial production from Juniper/Cisco cost somewhere in the low 4 digits; software client licenses excluded from pricing.  The product you get depends on how many users you have connected and the network pipe.

If you want a software based VPN, you can use OpenVPN (Linux Based).
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