Moving email from pop3 to sbs2011

I am having problems moving my clients email from a "network solutions pop3" to sbs2011. I have changed the MX record to the servers external IP, and changed the A record to the servers external IP. I opened the ports, and waited a solid 24hrs. The only account that is pulling mail is the pop3. Any ideas.

Thanks in advance
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Ok this mean that the problem isn't a DNS problem, maybe you should run a test email with telnet to verify if eamil is arriving ok from internet.

You have to use


if I get it.

Then follow the instructions in

Check test for your exchange configuration and services with the next page

Review information in
Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
This is in the wrong zone
Check that your DNS records are pointed to the new server using nslookup in a computer outside of your network. Or use another public DNS server to resolve.

You can use cmd and there use the line

nslookup -type=mx

This should use server to resolve your mx records for

if you don't get the desire record, verify the name servers for your domain. Use the next line.

nslookup -type=ns

You need to change the DNS zone in those servers.
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avoskinarianAuthor Commented:
i ran the 1st command and i came up with a " mx preference = 90, mail exchanger = (networl solutions server) mx preference = 10, mail exchanger =

it shows me the mx record was changed how i wanted it.

What next ???
avoskinarianAuthor Commented:
i open up a command prompt on win7 and type in telent and get an error like i typed it in wrong. I have not telnet before. Am i missing something ?
avoskinarianAuthor Commented:
Found out the ISP blocked port 25. Will resolve tomorrow
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