HP DL380 G5 RAM - Registered/ECC/none?


I have a single DL380 G5 running the ESXi Free for my own use. Currently has 3 VM's:

1. Windows 2008 R2 (DC/File)
2. Windows 2008 R2 (Exchange 2010)
3. Windows XP (Sage PC, used for accountant's remote access)

Server currently has 8GB (8x1GB) sticks of RAM, and its getting to be too slow. I want to upgrade it to 16GB (which is probably over what I need currently, but opens up avenues or more VM's if I want to do some testing)

Being a low utilisation server (just me really, plus a handful of external exchange only users), I dont mind cutting "some" corners.

What's the difference between Registered and Non-Registered? ECC and non ECC? Buffered and non-Buffered?

Would I get away with getting RAM which has none/only a few of these features? Would the server complain or let me even use them at all?

I know what is best - but not sure what I can get away with.
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Paul SolovyovskyConnect With a Mentor Senior IT AdvisorCommented:
ECC is a lot like raid but for memory.  For DL380G5 you have no choice but to buy ECC registered memory, it will not work with Non ECC and non unregisterd (unbuffered) memory. I have 1 in my lab.

Other memory is not supported and will not power on in the server.  Even mismatching pairs that are slightly different will not work, make sure your pairs are identical memory to avoid this.
hongeditAuthor Commented:
Yeah I had a bit of an issue when the server arrived, and I mixed the memory up by mistake. Server went mental til I swapped some around.

Well poop! Thanks anyway.
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