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linux vmware and oracle

This is what I have in my dvd
mine is 32 bit machine windowsxp

I have vmware in my system with no operating system no found..
my goal is
to bring up linux os ( one which I have in dvd)
I have nero..
on top of that I have to install oracle software..

Could expert please help me with step by step implementation..

Thank you..

1 Solution
slightwv (䄆 Netminder) Commented:
From your last question you closed, are you sure the dvd is bootable?

If it is, when you create a new VM it should be found.

It's been a while since I used VMWare but you should be able to boot from any iso image on the host os.
You have the wrong DVD, you have the source image which includes source for building all of the redhat apps.

Boot from the image without -src- in its name.
Once you get the right iso image, create a new VM and make sure to give enough size for Oracle. Then either burn the ISO to a DVD, or as slightwv says, assign the iso to the CD drive and boot it, then install the OS.

As for the VM config, Oracle recommends you assign a static IP address for the listener's sake.

Download Oracle for Enterprise Linux x86. Run the installer.

Follow the install guide, etc. Please try to install using the directions first, then ask here if you need help.

*Ask specific questions as opposed to broad questions and if you get errors post them with your questions.


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> I have vmware in my system
Since you have vmware on your XP system, then you can just download pre-install Vmware-image
CentOS 5.5 32bit:

Or Ubuntu / OpenSuSE ...
Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert / EE MVE^2)VMware and Virtualization ConsultantCommented:
If the DVD you have is bootable, you need to edit the Virtual Machine properties, and select Connect at Power On, and Connect (put tick boxes in the options) for the cdrom in the machine, also seleect connect to host cdrom drive.

You may also have to enter the System BIOS of the Virtual Machine, by selecting F2 at Boot-Up, and changing the boot order to Boot from CDROM first.
1> download Enterprise linux 32 bit DVD from the redhat site or centos site. (your base system is 32 bit. 64 bit not supported by your 32 bit windows system.)

2> dowload oracle for 32 bt linux

3> Create a new VM but dont power it on.
4> edit the cdrom configuration and load the iso image of linux u have downloaded.Make sure connect on power on is selected.
5> power on the system and let it boot from the cdrom.
6> complete the OS installation.
7> power off the vm and again edit the vm and change the cdrom setting to auto-detect.
8> power on the vm. copy and extract this oracle which you downloaded into this VM. You can use a pen drive to do the same.

Note: make sure all the necessary rpm's are installed for 10g and below. for 11g it would tell you what all rpm's its looking for.
9> launch the oracle installer in the linux vm u created. should be runInstaller.

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