Blackberry Curve on BIS

I've got a Blackberry Curve with the boost network. It's prepay (pay-as-you-go) and doesn't work with BES (Blackberry Enterprise Server), but does work with BIS (Blackberry Internet Services).

I don't know much about BIS (Blackberry Internet Services), but have set up a few BES (Enterprise) email systems before.

Apparently BIS connects to the BES and gets mail from it, not sure how it sends mail, but I would assume using SMTP (I doubt IMAP as then this would be the same as just straight BES).

Anyway, another difference is that you can't do OTA (Over the Air) activation for BIS, you have to connect through USB to the Desktop Manager.

I've done all this and seen that all the services have been marked as "Completed", except one "Email"!!!

Firstly, I can't see how to get back and check that "Email" is still listed as Initilising. To me, the fact that I cant get back to that menu says that they have all initalised and completed. So my first question is how to check.

Secondly, the device doesn't seem to want to receive email or send email. What do I have to do to get it to work and what should I be checking? In the email that I'm trying to send from the device, it has a "Message Status" of "Attachment Upload failed on server". I'm just trying to send the text "Test".

Quick help much appreciated.
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Have you registered your Blackberry here:-
Sam654Author Commented:
Humm, why didn't they tell me this!!
Thanks for your help.
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