Are there any iPhone cell phone signal "repeaters" that I can plug into my car's cigarette lighter to help boost the reception on my IPhone 4?

Are there any iPhone cell phone signal "repeaters" that I can plug into my car's cigarette lighter to help boost the reception on my IPhone 4?

Will these same signal strength "repeaters" be compatible with the iPhone 5?

My cell phone service provider is AT&T.
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kode99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes,  in general the repeaters are not phone specific but can be specific to the type of cellular service - the unit does have to support the type of signal and frequency the phone works on (i.e. GSM,  EVO, CDMA etc. )  So working with a future phone is likely as long as it is not  a totally different wireless technology.

Here's an example of a 'wireless' unit that can be setup and work with any phone inside the car,

Few different styles including a couple iPhone specific,

I'm not sure how much good the lower cost units are but stuff in the $200-300 range do work.

I would check if your provider (or thier stores) either sell or can suggest one.  May be be possible to give one a try before buying.  The business rep from our cellular provider recommended a unit very much like the first one I linked,  different brand I think.  

Our situation was with stationary sites and we were able to relocate antenna to get enough signal strength and did not have to go to a repeater.

g8kbvConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Take care though.

Such things may be illegal to own or use in some places.   Also, make sure you keep the two antennas very well seperated, or you may end up with zero coverage, and various authorities chasing you down, as you unintentionaly created a jammer!   You won't be popular!

It's often easier, cheaper to reloate the phone (whatever brand) to somewhere else in the car, where it can get a good signal.   Not always easy though, especially if your car has a heated windscreen, or you are in a panel van/truck, with more metal than glass arround you.  Some iPhones are known to have antenna/signal problems anyway.

It's also not unknown for other devices, even the vehicle itself to create interference, so making cell coverage dificult.  If the phone works better with the car parked, and everything off, but starts to loose signal when (say) the engine, & air-con' etc is running (but you havent moved!)  You have other problems that need looking into, and that's a specialist job sadly.

Digital communications systems, do not tolerate pulse (ignition) interfenece at all well.

Another way, use a BlueTooth hands free device, many support voice command dialing and answering.  You can then site the phone itself where it will get a good signal, and you can keep both hands on the wheel, and drive the car/van/truck safely.


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