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I have a XML restored JIRA instance running on Linux with Oracle 11G database. I do need to add an admin account from backend (oracle db) and I do not know how to view some of tables like userbase,membershipbase from oracle database.  The oracle database name is, stagingdb

I issues select * from tab and select userbase from tab;

I can't see any tables that are associated with JIRA application. Can someone help me how to view the tables? (these tables normally JIRA writes to oracle while installing as JDBC data source)

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mrjoltcolaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Who are you connected as?

TAB will only list the tables of the current user connected.

You must not be logged in as the user that owns the JIRA tables. Not sure what the user is.. try

   select username from all_users

   select distinct owner from all_tables

This will show you a list of users. Then maybe you can decide from that.

If you dont know the username of the JIRA user, try looking in the global table list, DBA_TABLES or ALL_TABLES

  -- look for USERBASE table in all users
  select * from all_tables where table_name = 'USERBASE'

  -- Or if user is JIRA
  select * from all_tables where owner = 'JIRA'

Lets assume the owner is JIRA and you logged in as SYSTEM, you need to describe the tables like this:

  describe JIRA.USERBASE
luser9999Author Commented:

This is what I executed after I created new database (stgdb).
create user jirauser identified by jirapasswd default tablespace system quota unlimited on system;
grant connect to jirauser;
grant create table to jirauser;

. I am currently logged in as

sqlplus / as sysdba

I will try to execute your commmands and let you know
mrjoltcolaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
So read what I wrote again. You must connect as the JIRAUSER to see his tables by default (without requiring to prepend the schema to table names).

So connect as jirauser / jirapasswd

Then things will work, like describe <table name>, or select * from <table name>

While logged in as / (SYS) you are SYSDBA and can see all tables, like this:
   describe jirauser.<table name>

Example: describe jirauser.userbase

But SYSDBA is for DBA work only.  You need to connect as jirauser.

luser9999Author Commented:
thanks. I was able to add a user from backend.

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