How do I remove all HTML tags in a string using regular expression?

$mystring contains:

<div align="center"><a href="">DOMAIN NAME</a></div>Some random text.<br><a href="">ANOTHER DOMAIN NAME</a>

I want to use Perl and regular expression to manipulate $mystring so that it removes all the HTML elements and hyperlinks, so that $mystring contains only "Some random text."

How can this be done?
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perldoc -q "How do I remove HTML from a string"
Found in perlfaq9.pod
       How do I remove HTML from a string?

       The most correct way (albeit not the fastest) is to use HTML::Parser
       from CPAN.  Another mostly correct way is to use HTML::FormatText which
       not only removes HTML but also attempts to do a little simple
       formatting of the resulting plain text.

       Many folks attempt a simple-minded regular expression approach, like
       "s/<.*?>//g", but that fails in many cases because the tags may
       continue over line breaks, they may contain quoted angle-brackets, or
       HTML comment may be present.  Plus, folks forget to convert
       entities--like "&lt;" for example.

       Here's one "simple-minded" approach, that works for most files:

           #!/usr/bin/perl -p0777

       If you want a more complete solution, see the 3-stage striphtml program
       in .

       Here are some tricky cases that you should think about when picking a

           <IMG SRC = "foo.gif" ALT = "A > B">

           <IMG SRC = "foo.gif"
                ALT = "A > B">

           <!-- <A comment> -->

           <script>if (a<b && a>c)</script>

           <# Just data #>

           <![INCLUDE CDATA [ >>>>>>>>>>>> ]]>

       If HTML comments include other tags, those solutions would also break
       on text like this:

           <!-- This section commented out.
               <B>You can't see me!</B>
jay28leeAuthor Commented:
I found a piece of code in my original script (which my previous programmer wrote), I'm suspecting this is what causing an error for my current situation of HTML removal.

s/\G($C*?)(?:  +|($X)(-)|(-)(?=$X)|($X)(?=[+=\w(])|([+=\w)])(?=$X)|(\))(?=\S)|(\S)(?=\())/$1$2$4$5$6$7$8$s[!$3]/g;

Can you tell me if there's something wrong with the above code?  And what does it do?

Should I replace it with what you mentioned?


What are the values of $C and $X?
jay28leeAuthor Commented:
there's also the following code before the regular expression

   @s=(' - ',' ');

the above code was commented as handling for Chinese Big-5 charset.
jay28leeAuthor Commented:
btw, ozo, could you help me look at another of my questions as of the following, a related question from what you've answered back in 2005.

btw, the solution works for me using: s/<(?:[^>'"]*|(['"]).*?\1)*>//gs

i'll simply ignore what was previously written by the original programmer of my script.
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