Heap size 4256K exceeds notification threshold (2048K) - Oracle 10g

Dear Sir,

Our Oracle server is 10g in Windows 64 Bit. It has windows 2008 64 Bit OS with 8GB RAM.

This was running perfect since last two years.

Now it is giving errors which we diagnosed in the alerts.log file  from \oracle\product\bdump folder  which is as under :-

Fri May 06 10:14:25 2011
Memory Notification: Library Cache Object loaded into SGA
Heap size 3998K exceeds notification threshold (2048K)
Details in trace file d:\oracle\product\10.2.0\admin\orcl\udump\orcl_ora_460.trc
KGL object name :select d.assmastid,a.name aname,a.acunitid,d.specs,s.msono,s.excvrsrid_msono,s.vrdate,s.partyord,s.porddate,s.masterid,m.name mname,m.add1 madd1,m.add2 madd2,city.name madd3,m.staxnol mlst,m.staxnoc mcst,m.eccode meccode,m.range mrange,m.div mdiv,s.consigid,nvl(consig.name,'As Above') cname,consig.add1 cadd1,consig.add2 cadd2,consig_city.name cadd3,consig.staxnol clst,consig.staxnoc ccst,consig.eccode ceccode,d.qty,d.rate,s.job_form,d.dldate,sc.print_side,sc.lami_side,sc.pkd_value,layer1_material.abname la

These errors are very frequent now.

How to resolve this


Suresh Bansal

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suresh_bansalAuthor Commented:

This has solved  too much warnings in the Alert.log file of Oracle

Suresh Bansal
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